10 Animals That Can Cheer Up Your Day Better Than Any Comedian


The animals are always busy doing something or the other hilarious. Most of the times they don’t even realize how hilarious they are. Animals know how to live in the moment and not care about anything else. This is why most of the times they stay happy and care free. There is nothing that you can do to make any animal sad. In fact, the more you spend time with animals, the more you will stay happy.

Here are some pawsome animals that can cheer up your day better than any comedian. Have a look at these animals and you will know how amazing they are!


This one is always cranky. But you will definitely be amusing after meeting this one.


When you are too cold to meet anyone, so you just prefer being by yourself.


When your cat brings new friends home and you have no clue how to react to it. “Hi hooman, can we find some place for the little lizzy in our home? I swear he won’t bother anyone.”


It’s impossible not to laugh at the funny expressions of this one. Look at him once and we bet you won’t be able to control your laughter!


There are two types of dogs in the world. One who can’t stop laughing and the one who don’t know how to laugh. You can take both of them home. There is no issue about it.

This is such a balanced picture. While one can’t stop laughing, the other one just can’t even smile. There is nothing that you can do to make some animals laugh.


When the lizzy is bored, he likes to entertain everyone around him with his little tactics.


When you start mimicking your friend and it ends up being your thing. This is how animals come up with cute friendship goals.


When your furry pet does weird things to tell you that he is hungry. Whatever pets do, they always end up putting a smile on everyone’s face.


This furry one has his priorities set right in life. “Why would you want to stare at anything else when you can stare at this delicious muffin!”


These two furry ones are friends for life and there is nothing that can separate the two of them.

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