10 Awesome Cats That Cost a Fortune


Cats are the most pawsome pets that you can adopt. But not all of them are easy to get. Some of the cats out there can actually cost you a fortune. Read this story and you will know how special these cats are. Cats are special animals and they know it very well.

Here are some awesome cats that cost a fortune. Have a look at these cats and you will know why!


Norwegian Forest Cats are the most expensive cats out there. You just have to meet one and you will know why.


Himalayan cats are the coolest ones because of their origin. Many people are scared of these cats, but they have got the most beautiful hearts.


Scottish fold are super adorable and if you are looking for a cat, these are the most adorable ones out there.


Peterbalds are curious about everything and this is why their hoomans get to learn a lot. Even though these cats are curious, they get their hoomans into trouble a lot.


Egyptian Mavs are very rare. One look at the cat and you will know how adorable they are.

Cat hoomans can’t stay sad for long because their cats are there to cheer them up. The felines are always doing something or the other silly or weird just to bring a smile on their hooman’s face. Just one look at the cat and you will be too enchanted by them to move away from them. Cats may not open up very easily to their hoomans. But when they do, you will definitely know about it.


Maine Coons are huge cats and a bit aggressive at times. They rarely smile, but they are very loyal to their hoomans.


LaPerms are beautiful cats and you can easily differentiate them from the rest of the lot.


Russian Blue cats are very rare to find, but they are the most beautiful ones out there.


Serengeti cats are sweet and don’t bite.


Elf cats are the most different ones out there. You can easily spot them in the crowd.

Don’t forget to share this pawsome story with your family and friends. All the cat lovers around you should know that how precious these cats are and they can actually cost them a fortune.

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