10 Beautifully Rare Cats Who Deserve A Medal For Their Appearance


Every cat is adorable no matter how it looks. Some of the cats look different and they get everyone’s attention instantly. You are here to meet them. These cats have a rare beauty and deserve a medal for their appearance. Maybe, every cat deserves a medal for existing. Cat lovers know this very well and they will do anything for cats.

Here are some beautifully rare cats who deserve a medal for their appearance. Have a look at these pawsome cat pictures and you will know!


The cat is tired of dealing with the long whiskers. Maybe, he needs help.


Smoky eye look gone wrong. The cat has no choice though.


This cat has extra eyes to keep a watch on his hooman. The cat is always looking even when it sleeps.


When you have a cat with a marble coat, you need to be very careful while choosing the flooring in your home.


The cat has ice and fire in his eyes. It likes to play hot and cold all at once.

When such a pawsome cat is by your side, you have everything that you need in the world. Cats are full of love and they bring happiness along. What else can you ask for? Any time you are not feeling good, you know where to look for happiness. Here are some more pawsome and rare cats for you to adore.


This cat was a huge fan of squirrels before he got this fluffy tail just like a squirrel. Now, he doesn’t need any squirrels around.


This cat with heterochromia likes everything white except for the eyes and tail.


Meet the cat with devil ears! He is super adorable.


This cat fell in snow and his coat changed colors. It’s a vitiligo coat. The cat totally adores it.


When you are the odd one out of the family, but also super grateful. Everything happens for a reason. Meet the cat with two faces!

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