10 Best Cat Pics with Funny Vet-Surgery Haircuts


Cats hate to go to the vet and there is a strong reason behind it. It is said that cats prefer being sick rather than going to the vet. These felines think that nothing good comes from going to the vet. We have some cat pictures that will explain everything to you. If you have a cat, you might already be aware how hard it is to take your cat to the vet. Well, nobody likes going to a doctor, but this is something that you can’t do away with.

Here are some cats with funny vet surgery haircuts. Have a look at them and you will also agree with these cats.


“Hooman, I think I need boots. My feet are getting cold.”


We feel really bad for the cat. He is trying to fit in. Everything will be back to normal soon.


This cat has got matching boots too. The cat seems to like them.


“This is why I hate going to the vet. Look what he did to me!


This cat is going through a bad phase in life. We hope he gets well soon.

While some cats are really impressed with the new haircut, others just can’t stop grieving. Either ways, cats never stop being pawsome. They also have some bad days just like us. But even on these days, cats do not fail to make us laugh.


Cats prefer grooming issues rather than going to the vet. “I am never asking my hooman’s help for any of my issues ever again.”


“Is this some new trending fashion? What did you do to my tail? It looks like it’s broken. Fix it, hooman!”


Even though cats are majestic, they have bad days too. Nothing is always purrfect.


“My cat is getting used to the new look. Now she knows why I am crazy for boots.”


“My hooman took to the vet and this happened. I look really different in this new look. Do you like it?”

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