10 Broken Cats That Forgot How To Be A Cat And Need Some Help


It’s not easy to be a cat and things can get quite taxing at times. That’s when cats decide to take a break from being a cat. You can do all you like, but you can never tell a cat how to be a cat. Only felines are capable of figuring out what they want to do and when they want to do. Cat hoomans are quite used to getting surprises from their cats. After all, that’s what it’s like to live with cats.

Here are some broken cats that forgot how to be a cat and need some help. Have a look at these cats and you will also know what we are trying to say!


Cats can be really weird at times. Consider yourself lucky if you find your cat doing one of these weird things.


When your cat wants to accompany you in shower, but also wants to stay away from water.


When you bring home another cat and this is all that your cat has to say about it. “What do you mean you brought this cat for my company? I don’t need him and so do you. Throw him out, right away!”


When your cat wants to have dinner with you, but you are busy with your work. “Why do you do this to me, hooman? I am hungry and dying to eat!”


Cats can sleep in weird and uncomfortable positions, but they are okay with it. So if you ever see your cat like this, there is nothing to worry about.


This cat’s hooman need some help in fixing the cat. What do you do when your cat is broken?


Cats are an expert at the art of balancing. You can’t even imagine what your cat will do next. All you can expect is a lot of surprises from your cats.


This is just a cat that forgot how to sit like a cat, so he decided to do some hooman stuff. “Stop staring at me, hooman. I know I am pawsome.”


When you do something stupid and this is how your cat reacts to it. It seems as if this cat understands everything. Well, cats are really smart.


When you start attending ninja classes, but your cat learns faster than you do. “You are doing it all wrong, hooman. Let me teach you how it’s done!”

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