10 Cat Owners Reveal How Their Pets Have “Accidentally” Conditioned Them


Adopting a cat is an invitation to a major change in your life. You may not realize it, but your cat condition you to do things according to them. With time, you start doing things as per your cat’s convenience. So you need to get smarter if you want to live with your cat. Brake any habit that you are not comfortable with and your cat is getting too used to. Nobody can tell a cat to do or not to do something. But if you play smart, you will know how to make things work your way.

Here are some cat hoomans who were conditioned by their cats to do what they want. Have a look at these pictures as they are totally hilarious and you don’t want to miss them. Also, if you are a new cat hooman, this is a good learning opportunity for you. So better grab it quickly before it’s too late!


It doesn’t matter if it’s your cat or not. Every cat deserves to be loved.


When you start living with a cat, it’s difficult to tell who influenced who.


Black cats have some innovative ways to kill you. So you also have to get a bit innovative with them.


Cats want your attention the most when you are working.


Cat hoomans have to play smart with their cats if they want to survive. Bring it on!


This needs to be dealt with in time or things can get all messed up.


Here’s the reason why cats accompany you to the bathroom. Your security is more important to them as compared to your privacy.


Once you allow your cat to do this, they are never going back to their own beds.


Adopting a cat is no less than having a baby. You have to be really careful at all times.


Cats always lookout for you, so start trusting them. They may not show it often, but they love you a lot.

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