10 Cat Pics That Honestly Show What Life Is Like When You Get Yourself a Cat


Getting a cat is a life changing experience. You may think that it is easy to live with a cat. But this is not true. Adopting a cat is a roller coaster ride. It is full of adventures and chaos. At the end, everything is worth it. Cats become a part of your family as soon as they walk in through your door.

Here are amazing cat pictures that will show you what it feels like to live with a cat. Have a look at these pictures and we bet you too would want a cat after looking at these pictures.


Do you want your cat to spend time with you? Just get an empty box and place it next to you. It won’t be difficult to get your cat to spend time with you after that.


When your cats decide to sleep in the expensive bed that you got for them instead of a box and you can’t believe that it’s happening for real. “What are you staring at hooman?”


Cats get upset with each other too. It’s not always their hooman who acts silly and angers them.


If you were wondering what cats do behind your back, here’s all that you need to know.


“Am I fat?” You never tell a cat that it is fat. Cats are always adorable no matter how they look.


“If you are done with your stupid meeting, can you serve us some food? We thought we were going to starve to death tonight.”


“You have been blessed. Now go and put your magical powers to some good use.”


It doesn’t matter if cats sit on each other. What matters is that they should get sunlight!


Sitting like a true box! Cats are who they are and you can’t change them, so don’t even try. “Hooman, I don’t need that expensive bed. I am more comfortable here.”


“We thought you left us furrever. We have been waiting here since ages, but slept through it mostly.”

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