10 Cats High as Heck on the Nip


Cats don’t need catnip to do weird things. They are born weird and do things that no one can understand. So just imagine how crazy things can get when cats are on the nip. You need to make any efforts because you are about to see what happens when cats are on the nip.

Here are some cats high on the nip and they all look really hilarious. Have a look and we bet you won’t be able to stop laughing!


This cat got some catnip and next thing his hooman knew there was mess all over the house. The end product is pawsome though. Have a look!


This cat likes it here. He doesn’t want to move at all now.


Some cats consume catnip, others just sprinkle it all over themselves.


The only time cats will give up is when they are on the nip. The felines like to be in control all the time, but then they have days when they like to take a break.


A cat’s weirdness at its best. Ever seen your cat like this?

See how weird rises to the next level when cats are on the nip. They can do anything and everything whenever they want. But when cats are on the nip, they rise to a completely different level of pawsomeness. Every cat hooman really likes to see their cats lose control at least once.


Four stages cats go through when they have catnip for the very first time.


“This is enough for today. Keep the rest of the stash for some other time. You can leave me alone now.”


This cat tool catnip and went out for a walk. This is how his hooman found him in the morning.


A cat sees the true colors when he is on the nip. Otherwise, he doesn’t care much!


If you are really lucky, this is how you will find your cat after he gets a dose of catnip. Look who learnt how to read!

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