10 Cats Reacting to Events That Are Entirely “New” to Them


Cats may be the ones who always end up giving surprises. But there are times when they get surprised too. Cats are always up doing something or the other when they are not taking a nap. They are unpredictable and sneaky creatures who have lots of surprises for their hoomans. Then what can make them act like they are seeing something for the first time. With the world evolving so fast, a lot must be surprising for our little felines.

Here are some pawsome cats reacting to events that are entirely new to them. Have a look as you must have not seen anything like this before.


Cats have a different reaction for everything. This is called their “never seen anything like this before” reaction.


“What are these hoomans doing to me? Someone save me from them please!”


When your cat sees you bring your boyfriend home for the first time and has no plans how to treat this new guest in the home.


“My hooman didn’t ask me to leave his chair today. I wonder why. Is he alright?”


“This is how the world looks when you are hidden under a white blanket. It feels so peaceful and good here.”

Cats are always curious and they want to know about everything that is going around. There curiosity may lead them to trouble sometimes, but also a lot of new things that they cherish.


“If the dog touched me with his tongue again, I will bite him. He will never repeat this mistake ever again.”


“I took the first selfie of my cat today and he sat very still staring at the camera. Here’s the picture that I clicked. Isn’t it just pawsome!”


This cat saw a dead rat for the first and this is how he reacted. Nowadays, cats have stopped killing rats and started sympathizing with them instead.


When the cat is looking, don’t do anything that will make it judge you.


This cat has seen something really scary. The look says it all.

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