10 Cats Reacting to Events That Are Entirely “New” to Them


It is assumed that cats know everything about everything. But there are a lot of things that end up surprising cats as well. Even though the cats keep a watch on everything that goes around them, but there are certain things that they witness for the first time. These little things may end up surprising the felines as well.

Here are some cats reacting to events that are entirely new to them. Have a look at these cats and you will know that even cats can get surprised.


Most of the times, cats are very observant. But sometimes, they get surprised due to their own ignorance. Cats are weird and they can’t be blamed for it.

My cat just noticed that we have a ticking clock on our living room wall. We’ve been living here for 2 years.


When you take your cat to the vet and it acts like it doesn’t need any vaccine. “What are you doing this, hooman? I seriously don’t need this.”


Cats get quickly surprised whenever there are unwanted noises in the house. They get scared that something will happen to their hooman. This cat heard the plumbers working and this is how he reacted.


When it’s almost night time and you still won’t stop working, the cat gets really worried. “Is everything okay, hooman? You don’t need to work so much. I can arrange food for both of us.”


When you lift up the blanket to find this adorable little fluff ball right under it, you definitely have the best companion.


When you tell your cat that you are going to get another cat and this is how your cat reacts, better cancel everything.


When your cat tells you to stay put and you start following him everywhere he goes. “Why don’t you understand cat language, hooman? Is it so difficult to follow simple instructions for you?”


When you try to meow back to your cat and it doesn’t come out right. “Why do you even try, hooman? It is not worth it.”


When your cat can’t understand why do you have to step into the bath tub every morning and put your life in danger.

My cat Tuna Fish’s reaction to seeing me in the bath. She’s the most expressive cat I’ve ever had!


When your cat has such adorable eyes and he can’t understand why you keep staring at him.

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