10 Cats That Are Only Good At “Being Jerks”


The felines have a reputation for being mean and selfish. Cats don’t take anyone’s permission before they do anything. Cats always do as they like and they don’t want their hoomans to tell them what needs to be done or not. It is impossible for anyone to understand why cats do what they do. This is why they come across as jerks to most people.

Here are some cats that are only good at “being jerks”. Have a look at these cats and you will know exactly why cats are called mean and selfish!


You can try to hide the lamp from the cat, but he will reach it if he wants. Nothing can be hidden from the cats.


When you step away from the keyboard and your cat steps on it. “Hi hooman, I was just trying to help you finish your work quickly.”


When you see a black cat waiting outside your door, it would be better if you stay inside. When the cats are not in a good mood, it is better to stay away from them.


When you are on dieting and your cat makes sure that you follow your diet properly. “The fries are for me, hooman. You can only look at me eat the fries.”


Cats are very strict. You can’t get away from them.


When your cat takes over something, it is not going to give up on it. The only option that you have is to get another one for yourself.


When a cat sleeps, you are not allowed to wake him up. But this rule doesn’t apply when you sleep. Cats can wake their hoomans up anytime they like and not the other way round.


When you leave the cat out in the snow, you are bound to suffer. Making a cat go through something that he doesn’t want would be your worst decision ever.


Everyone needs to look at this picture before deciding to keep a cat and a dog as pets at the same time.


When your cat is angry you will know. Cats don’t hide it when they are angry.

Don’t forget to share the story of these cats acting like jerks! What are your views about these cats? Does your cat also do such things that make you think that he is a jerk? Share with us in the comments below!

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