10 Cats That Can Be Good Boys Too


Cats are known for being mischievous and causing trouble. But they can be good boys too sometimes. We know it’s a little hard to believe. Cats have nothing but love in the depths of their hearts. All that cats ever want is to see everyone happy and smiling. They don’t do all the stupid and weird things just to make a fool of themselves. Cats do everything on purpose to bring a smile on everyone’s face. If you don’t believe us, then watch it yourself.

Here are some cats that are good boys. Look at their pictures with your own eyes if you don’t believe us!


A friend in need is a friend indeed. This cat has proved it.


I will listen to you just one time. this won’t happen ever again.


A cat hooman is never alone. Be it happiness or sorrow, cats are always there to support their hoomans.


“Don’t worry little one! I am there to support you always. This shall pass too.”


A cat loves you so much that it will also agree to become a pillow for you.

What do you think? Can this get any better? Cats are love and this is why they are pawsome. They do all that they want and don’t care if it doesn’t seem right to you. If it’s good to them, they will do it. This is why cat hoomans are happier and healthier. They have pawsome cats by their side to look out for trouble and keep a watch over them.


When your cats sit by your side, hold your hand and support you. What else do you need?


This cat never leaves his old hooman’s hide. He sat by his side through every moment.


Cats and dogs can be friends. Their owners are the ones who need to end their fight.


There’s a long way to go and we will walk it side by side hand in hand.


Sometimes cats agree to share their beds with the dogs.

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