10 Cats That Deserve An Award For Their Dramatic Performance


Cats can put up quite a show at times. The felines have the good looks along with the acting talent. But only the lucky ones get to witness this special side of the felines. You need not worry if you haven’t got lucky till now because we have it all here for you.

Meet some pawsome cats that deserve an award for their dramatic performances. You won’t even believe some of them, but each of them is real. Yes, cats are truly talented and capable of everything. You just need to make them trust you enough and they will introduce you to their pawsomeness!


When your cat meets an infant for the first time and can’t believe that there is something as adorable as them in the world. “This was our superpower. How did the babies get this trait?”


When you can’t see each other, but need to give each other some assurance.


This cat is ready to set a trap for the dog. “This is your first day in the family. Believe me your last one isn’t that far away.”


When you do yoga in front of your cat and he can’t believe that you are capable of it. “Some flexible lady ate my hooman. How should I bring her back? Should I bite her?”


Just made it in time! That pose says it all.


When it’s time for family dinner, but the dinner is not ready. “My hooman can’t get anything done on time.”


One look from your cat and you forget about everything else.


When your cat portrays the situation purrfectly! “What is this place called? Are we being attacked by zombies? Why is everything so cold?”


When you hooman brings her boyfriend home and you have no clue that she has been cheating on you all this while. “Throw him out right away!”


This cat just made it through a tough day and he would like to celebrate it now.

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