10 Cats Who Accidentally Broke Their “Default” Settings


Cats are known for being weird and they do it purrfectly all the time. But sometimes they look as if their default setting is broken. If you have a cat, you will know what it means. If not, then you are about to meet some cats with broken default settings. Nevertheless, cats will always end up making you laugh.

Here are some pawsome cats who accidentally broke their default settings. Have a look at these pictures and you will know what we are talking about!


Cats always want to steal the spotlight and this one is doing just that. it doesn’t care if it looks totally crazy.


Cats are usually afraid of water, but this one has other plans.


The look on this cat’s face says it all. “Be cautious hooman! I am on my way to take revenge.”


This cat is completely clueless what he wants to do in life. It is not a usual scene because cats like everything under control.


When you close the door and then you find your cat staring at you like this. “What did I do wrong this time?”

You are not allowed to close doors when there is a cat in your home. It is very rude. Your cat needs to be in the same room as you are. Closing doors will means that you want to stay away from your cat.


When your cat brings home dead sticks instead of dead rats, you really need to ask your cat what went wrong.


Have you ever seen your cat rethinking its actions? Cats never really think if they should do something or not. If they want something, they just go for it.


“My cat took a selfie on my phone today. I can’t stop laughing at it now.”


When you find your cat hidden in your closet, you should know that something is really not right.


This cat had too much nip and forgot where his bed was. This will do just fine.

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