10 Cats Who Accidentally Ruined Their “Default” Settings


We all know cats are weird creatures who are always on a mission. Nobody knows why cats act so weird all the time. It is, however, fun to witness them being weird and acting all silly. At least we get to get to enjoy and have a good laugh. But some cats go out of the way to surprise their hoomans. If you have no clue, then you definitely need to meet these cats.

Here are some cats that accidently ruined their default settings and it’s hilarious. Cats never stop being hilarious, no matter what the situation is.


Since when did cats start putting their affection on display? This is the most adorable thing that a cat has done for its hooman.


“Hooman, what’s the matter with you? Why don’t you leave me alone at home anymore? You should start hanging out with your friends again.”


“My hooman has started making me wait for food nowadays. He doesn’t love me anymore.”


Cats may hate water, but they can’t resist playing with it.


Almost there. Just one more step to go!

Are you surprised yet? If not, then we have more cat pictures for you. Cats have that element of surprise in them. They always come up with some pawsome ideas that you can’t even think of. Only cats are blessed with such pawsomeness.


When your cat wants to get a gift for you, but can’t find anything better.


“What does this button do? Let me press it and see. Have hoomans discovered time travel?”


“Couldn’t find my purse. When I found it, I realised that my cat was missing too.”


This cat was tired of spending time with his hooman, so he found a quite place to sleep. It seems like he found some catnip too.


Cats love to distract their hoomans while they are busy working.

Share your views with us in the comments below. Does your cat also act all weird and funny? Let us know your cat story.

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