10 Cats Who Act So Much Like Humans


Cats hoomans feel that their cats are a lot like them. The felines are sensitive pets who understand you. Even though they may act weird and strange around you, your cats really care for your. It’s only a matter of time before they will show you. Many a times, cats act like they are just the little kids of the house. Their expressions and the way they react to something say out everything that is going on in their mind.

Here are some cats who act so much like humans. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will also find them relatable!


There is a hidden singer inside your cat. Just leave your cat alone and his hidden singer will eventually come out.


Tom is obviously a super hero for all cats. Every cat admires him secretly. Look at these cats and you will know.


Just like you dream about your favorite car, your cat also dreams about his favorite box. He will consider himself the happiest cat on this planet if you can fulfil his wish.


“Another cat! Why is there another cat in this house? Tell him to leave immediately!”


“I wonder if I should take a nap first or get the work done. Sleeping is always a better option.”

It’s not just you who overthink and procrastinate. Cats do it all the time.


Cats are not at their best always. They have some bad days too. “Why would you do this to me? I am tired of getting disappointed again and again!”


A cat wants his food on time. It cannot wait even for two minutes and gets angry very easily.


Falling asleep anywhere at any time is always a good thing.


Cats are knows for being wise and now you will know why is that so!


This cat is trying to convince his hooman to give him some extra treat. Kids do it all the time and this is where they learnt it from.

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