10 Cats Who Are Best When Left Purrftectly Alone


Cats love you a lot despite all the silly things they do. But they don’t like to express it by being clingy. Cats like to keep it classy. They have unique ways of showing their hoomans that they love them. And they definitely don’t like it when you try to hug them tightly. Taking pictures with them is the hardest thing that you will ever do. Consider yourself really lucky if they ever agree to take selfies with you because that never happens.

Here are some cats that are at their best when left alone. Cats hate to display affection publicly. Have a look at these pawsome cat pictures and you will understand purrfectly well what it’s like to live with a cat!


“What’s wrong with my hooman today? Did she get drunk early in the morning? I need to hide away that stuff.”


Cats don’t like hugs. You better adore them from far away. Touching is a big no for them.


“Why do hoomans have to take selfies all the time? They are not even pretty.”


“My hooman took me out for a walk today despite my protests. He also took a picture holding me in his arms and I hate it.”


“It’s your graduation. Why do I have to be in this picture! Leave me now or I will trip that cap from your head.”


Just in time before the cat slipped away!


“I think my hooman has gone crazy and she wants me to support her. I can support you, but please leave me first.”


“When my hooman’s girlfriend doesn’t show up, so he clicks pictures with me instead to make her jealous. They are completely insane.”


“’This is the last one I swear,’ he says every time. But I love him.”


“I think I need to leave because my hooman won’t stop taking stupid selfies. He looks the same in all of them, so he wants me to join him to add some color.”

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