10 Cats Who Blend in With the Surroundings Like It’s Their Job


Cats are the best at finding good hiding places, but their ‘blending in with the surroundings’ game is on a whole new level. So whenever you get a cat home, you have to be very careful with the interiors of your home. You don’t want to end up stepping on your cat. The felines are very smart and they take full advantage of every situation to make fun of their hoomans. It’s the cat hoomans who have to make sure that this doesn’t happen and they don’t end up hurting their cats.

Here are some cats who blend in with the surroundings like it’s their job. Have a look at these cats and you will know what we are talking about.


When your cat is this good at blending in, you really need to be careful with the stuff that you being in your home. Otherwise, it will only be difficult for you to find your cat most of the times.


Be careful! You don’t want to sit on the cat there.


This cat’s hooman made a mistake of choosing the wrong carpet and the cat gets really upset his hooman trips over him. Still, the cat sits on the stairs every now and then just to have some fun.


Someone needs to change the flooring because the cat is not going anywhere. So if you don’t want to walk all over your cat, better take care of this now.


This is why the white cats don’t like to go out in the snow. Their hoomans never remember to take them back inside the house.

Sometimes, cats just do it even without knowing that they are doing it. In fact, they have no clue that they blend in so well with their surroundings at times that no one even realize that they are there.


Never think that your cat is not around because it is always watching you.


When it comes to blending in, cats can be very creative if. They won’t let even a single opportunity go to waste.


When the cat is confused if his hooman chose the couch on purpose or him, he will simply sit there and observe you.


“You choose the wrong bedsheet hooman, so you don’t get to sleep here anymore. What if you will crush me! Go sleep on the couch now or the floor, whatever suits you better.”


The challenge really is to identify the number of cats in this picture.

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