10 Cats Who Can’t Get Any Worse, But Their Hoomans Love Them The Most


Cats do a lot of strange things that their hoomans may not like. Well, cats have never cared and they never will. So their hoomans have no choice, but to love them even more. Cats fill their hoomans life with lots of love and pawsomeness. Without felines, their hooman’s life is pretty gloomy. So the cat hoomans are just trying to make the best of everything. Even though they know that cats get mean and selfish at times, they prefer to love them. This is the only way to keep a cat and enjoy each moment with it.

Here are some cats who can’t get any worse, but their hoomans love them the most. Have a look at the pictures of these cats and you will also fall in love with them!


This is a really naught cat who always creates problems for his hoomans. But we have to appreciate all the efforts he put in.


Cats surely have a thing for destruction. These are the few things that they love to destroy.


Cats make sure that justice is always served. Get a cat and you will never be bereft of justice.


This is the best cat ever. Your cat may not always show it, but they love you a lot.


Why do cats have to wake up their hoomans so early? It’s the cat who takes twenty naps during the day time, not their hoomans.


Cats surely love the glowing red button that gives them all the attention they need. They don’t know what it’s actual purpose is. But why should they care as long as it works fine for them.


This cat couldn’t get any worse. But his hooman loves him a lot in spite of everything.


“This is what you do every time I go out. So I will do the same to you. Have a nice chilly walk around the block, hooman.”


Cold stare works for every cat every time.


Another cat using the cold stare weapon. This scares everyone.

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