10 Cats Who Can’t Share Their Hooman With Anyone Else


Once a cat hooman, always a cat hooman. Cats are very possessive about their hoomans and they hate everyone who try to steal their hoomans. They have different ways to show everyone that their hooman only belongs to them and nobody else. Cats are really possessive about their hoomans. They may not give their hooman any attention. But the moment the cat hooman bring his girlfriend home, entire scenario changes. Then cats will have nothing else to focus on. They will stick to their hooman. It will also show you different sides of a cat. This is how quickly cats can change.

Here are some pawsome cats who can’t share their hooman with anyone else. Have a look and you will know to what extent cats can go!


“You will ditch me to go out with that girl. Hooman, you need to improve your taste.”


“Every time my girlfriend comes home, this is what my cat does. He hates her and wants me to be single again.” Cats don’t like to share their hoomans with anyone.


When you have a cat in your home, you do not play video games. You only get to play with your cat. “Do you want me to break your Xbox too? Okay, I will do it tonight.”


You can’t tale a selfie alone if you have a cat. Your cat will make sure that everybody gets to know about it.


“Nobody comes close to my hooman.” These two don’t need anyone else.


Either your cat won’t come close to you or it won’t leave your side. It all depends on the situation.


“Don’t stare at my hooman! Mind your own business.”


“Hi hooman! Promise me you won’t get another cat or girl ever again.”


“I am sitting right here. Don’t even think of it.”


This is how cats show-off their hoomans. “Look I have a hooman. He is adorable and feed me on time. He is a good man.”

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