10 Cats Who Committed “Awful” Crimes and Were Hilariously Shamed for It


Cat hoomans try their best to teach their cats a lesson, but it goes all in vain. It doesn’t matter how serious crimes a cat may commit, they never feel ashamed for it. The end result of all the public shaming is hilarious cat memes to laugh at. Cat hoomans may go through a lot of trouble, but everything is worth it! After all, cats know that they have to make everyone happy and have some fun themselves too. Only felines can achieve this impossible task because they are pawsome. Cats always know how to get everything done, be it in the form of serious crimes they would be shamed for.

Here are some cats who commited awful crimes and were hilariously shamed for it by their hooman!


It doesn’t take long for a cat to go from a stranger to your loved one. Cats can walk smoothly through anyone’s heart.


Cats don’t like it easy, so they make their hooman also work extra hard.


“My hooman keeps on losing everything. I have to take care of everything. Everything is safe with me.”


When a cat chooses a spot to lie on, you don’t ask it to move.


Early to bed and early to rise makes a cat hooman healthy, wealthy and wise. Cats know how to make their hoomans follow the rules.


Every friend of a cat hoomans should know that there is a cat in the house.


“There wasn’t anything else to eat, so I had to manage with this. You should keep some snacks for me from now on.”


“Felt cute, might destroy this later.” Cats get bored very easily and the moment they achieve one thing, they want to jump straight to their next mission.


When a cat wants to kill you, nobody can save you. It would be better if you accept your fate.


It’s Christmas and cats always want to help their hoomans. This cat also left its signature mark.

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