10 Cats Who Decided That Disobeying Their Owners Is Not Enough So They Disobeyed The Laws of Physics Too


Cats are getting to spend a lot of time with their hoomans due to the pandemic situation. It seems that they are running out of ways to trouble their hoomans. So now they have come up with new ways to have fun. Cats know what to do to have fun and they never run out of ideas.

Here are some pawsome cats who were bored of disobeying their hooman, so they went against the law of gravity. The felines can do anything for fun and adventure. Look at these pictures and you will know what we are talking about!


Cats always have to do something different. They don’t know how to adhere to the rules of science also.


“I didn’t want to break anything today, so I sat in the little space that was available. But I can’t assure you that this will go on furrever.”


Cats the power of speed. They can do things that you can’t even imagine.


“I had to sit here so that you put the boxes in order and then I can fit inside one.” Things are really twisted when it comes to cats.


“I saw my cat walking on the wall today and I can’t go back to how it was before. My cat is a magician!”

Cats are purrfect at whatever they do. See, how smoothly they are walking on the walls.


Some cats melt after a long tiring day. There is nothing better to do.


Who wants to sit on top of a chair? A cat’s understanding of the top is different from yours.


When you are ready to leave for work, but your cat magically sticks to the car and refuses to move. Forget to feed a cat once and he will have a thousand ideas to take revenge.


When your cat is casually hanging upside down, but this is your first time watching them do this. “Don’t worry hooman, this is a usual thing for me!”


Almost there! Nothing defines this picture better than these two words.

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