10 Cats Who Defied All the Rules of Flexibility in a Really Weird Way


Many people believe that cats don’t have any bones. The felines can flow just like liquid. There is something really weird about cats. They can stretch like elastic. Cats have successfully defied all rules of flexibility. Cats are mysterious beings and capable of a lot of things. The more you stay close to them, the more you will get to know them.

Here are some cats who defied all the rules of flexibility in a really weird way. Have a look at these cats and you will know what cats are capable of!


There is no end or beginning to this cat. He can stretch as far as wants.


When your cat acts like a snake and you get super confused what you actually brought home. “Where is the cat that I adopted? Did someone exchange it for a snake?”


Cats can sit anywhere they want. They can always fit in somehow.


Cats can melt in the sun. You have to bring them back inside after a while or they will just disappear.


“There is a cat in my sink and it seems like he is enjoying the look on my face.”


Anything and everything is possible in the cat world.

They were napping when suddenly, the cat melted!


When there is a cat in the container where there should have been your food. Mysterious things are bound to happen when there is a cat around.


Cats are half solid and half liquid. But sometimes, they forget to do both and decide to melt completely.


This is a very unique position that cats only take rarely. It is called the ‘donut position’.


Cats have a lot of talents and melting is one of those. The felines always like to keep a flexible approach to everything.

There’s a cat spilled all over my couch…

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