10 Cats Who Do Things In Their Own Weird Way


If you ask a cat, everything that is do is weird and unnecessary except for feeding them. On the other hand, we humans think that cats are weird. Understanding cats is not an easy task and not everyone is capable of it. Only cat hoomans got the level of intelligence and understanding that they can comprehend their cat’s actions.

Here are some cats that have a weird way of doing everything. Have a look at these pictures and try to understand why cats do what they do.


When you get up in the morning and see your cat in the kitchen this way. Are you hungry already., little kitty?


When you try to take your cat out for a walk and it ends like this.


Sharing is caring. Maybe this is why cats feel that it is okay to sit on their cat’s lap as long as they want.


When you forget your cat’s food and he does this to take revenge.


“My cat was thirsty and maybe he also hates plants. You can’t stop a cat from doing what they want.”

If you look closely and observe, everything will fit in and nothing will seem weird anymore. After all, cats put in a lot of thought before doing something. So there has to be some reason behind everything that they do.


We have no clue how the cat got there, but it seems that he has no plans of getting out of there soon.


“Hi hooman, were you looking for me? Now don’t ask me how I got in here.”


“I have no clue why my hooman spends so long building this puzzle when it can be destroyed so easily. Maybe he knows that I love sliding it off the table.”


Cats love shoes just like girls do. They only wish that they had a huge wardrobe of footwear. For now, they will do with this.


“Hi hooman, we really like this huge box that you got for us.”

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