10 Cats Who Just Want To Be Left Alone


Cats don’t like it when their hoomans get too close to them. Even though cats like to be in the same room as their hoomans, they like their own space too. You should always take your cat’s permission before picking it up in your arms. But it seems like some cat hoomans don’t know anything about it.

Here are some hilarious pictures of cats who just want to be left alone. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will know why! Cat hoomans really need to learn to respect their cat’s space, even though cats don’t respect their hooman’s privacy.


“What’s with my hooman? Every time we look into the camera, she wants me to say ‘cheese’. There is a thing called candid picture too.”


“It’s your graduation day. Why am I supposed to be in this picture? Leave me alone for once.”


This cat will surely scratch his hooman if she holds on for another minute.


“Hooman, you stink. Go take a bath first!”


“I can’t breathe, hooman. Why are you crushing me in your arms?”

It doesn’t matter how good a cat hooman looks, the cat doesn’t like to be crushed between his arms.


The only decent picture that you can manage to take a picture with your cat.


“First, you convinced me to come to this stupid trip with you and now, you want me to pose for a picture. Are you trying to change me or make new rules? I won’t let this happen!”


“My hooman is acting all weird today. He won’t let go of me. I think he got drunk early in the morning.”


“Your hair looks super weird. I don’t want to take a picture with you.”


“This kid won’t leave me alone. I am tired and want to sleep. Can we go home now if you are done clicking these stupid photos?”

Don’t forget to share this cat story with your friends who have cats. They really need to know that cats like to keep some space from their hoomans.

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