10 Facts About Cats That Show These Fluffies From an Unexpected Side


Cats are full of mysteries and this is not hidden from anyone. Time and again cats have shown us that there is a lot that we don’t know about them. It is always fun to be around cats. They add a spark to our lives and make it more fun.

Here are some pawsome facts about cats that will help you to explore a different side of cats. Have a look at these amazing cats and your world will change.


You may think that your cat loves to drink milk. But cats are mostly lactose intolerant. Milk apart from their mother’s is not good for them.


If you were wondering what’s behind that fur, here’s your answer.


Do you know how high a cat can jump? They can go up to seven times their height. That is pretty high. Cats never fail to amaze us!


Cats love to hug. They just have to trust before they open up to you.


Do you know that your cat can swim? Yes, domestic cats know how to swim. They are born with this skill.

We bet you didn’t know these facts about cats. Keep scrolling and explore more! Cats are an ocean of mysteries and there is always more to them.


Your cat have less receptors for sweetness. So if you think that your cat doesn’t like sweet food, you know why.


Cats like to stare at their hoomans quietly while they read. This is why more cat hoomans have college degrees as compared to dog owners.


While you think that cats rub against you to show you affection, they are just marking their territory. Cats always have a reason behind everything that they do.


Cats imitate baby’s voice and meow to communicate with you. They invited this voice specially for you. See how adorable they are!


Cats are full of love and joy. Some of them even have hearts on their fur to show you how much they love  you.

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