10 Fluffies Who Can’t Just Act Like Normal Pets for One Day


With the changing times, our pets are also evolving. They no longer do what you expect from them. Instead, the pets have their own tricks and turns now. Do you also get surprised now and then when your pet acts different? Do you also feel that your pet is getting all weird and doing things that it is not supposed to do? Then there is nothing to worry about because it is the new normal.

Here are some pawsome fluffies who can’t just act like normal pets for even a day. Have a look at these pictures and you will find them totally relatable!


When your cat carefully listen to all your stories and looks this adorable. Do you also think that your cat is a person trapped inside the cat body?


Cats use their beds to hide beneath it and not to sleep on it. We have got the concept completely wrong.


When your cat has more sophisticated way to sit and you wonder if it is really you cat.


Your cat knows exactly how to disrupt your work and make you apologize for not feeding him on time.


From where did this cat learn to do such expressions? Has it been attending acting classes secretly?

When your cat gives you such epic expressions, do not waste any time and get your camera immediately. You never know when it will happen again. The quicker you capture such pawsome moments, the better it is.


When your pet does something and makes this face, it’s impossible not to laugh at him.


This dog is digging the treasure that his parents hid for him. Dogs are really good at this.


When your dog helps you with your project and gets super tired. “Go and cook a good meal for me now.”


“What have you done to me hooman? I am no king. You should give this to the cat.”


When you take your pet out for a walk and he has other plans.

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