10 Funniest “Am I A Joke To You?” Pet Memes


Our pets may not speak our language, but they definitely understand us. Just like our pets fool us all the time, we fool them too. And the funny thing is that they get all our jokes.

Here is a collection of the funniest “Am I a joke to you?” pet memes for you. Have a look at these and laugh your heart out!


“This is how you think I look! You have really bad cooking skills. Go, make it again.”


“What went with the other half of the tattoo doesn’t look like me at all! You need to find a new tattoo artist.”


“Why do you want to cut a cake that looks just like me? Are you planning to kill me?”


“You get me a bad haircut and then make fun of me with these hair of mine! You will definitely be punished for this. I will make sure.”


“My hooman gifted me a toy and I don’t like it at all. It looks just like me and very sad all the time.”

This cat is not happy that his hooman brought another cat in the house. Cats want all their hooman’s attention and they can’t bear it when someone else comes in between, even if it’s a cat. You need to know this before you get a pet. It’s funny how pets get our jokes and fail to see our hidden love behind the jokes.


“So you think I am equal to these slippers of yours. Are you making fun of me?”


“Why doesn’t anyone pet me? I need a little pampering please.”


“My hooman brought masks that look exactly like me to celebrate my birthday. I don’t understand what’s the purpose of it.”


“You made a snowman that looks like me. Didn’t you learn in school how a snowman is built? This is no joke to me. Take it inside now and feed it.”


“My hooman brought me a new friend. It doesn’t bark though. I wonder why.”

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