10 Funniest Tweets About Cats And Dogs This Week


Cats and dogs are the furry friends that everyone needs. Bring a furry friend home and you will never be sad again. Cats and dogs are poles apart. Both of them do things differently and there is no similarity between the two. There has been a never ending fight between cat and dog owners. Both of them are hell bent on proving that there pet is better. But this fight will never come to a conclusion. The real fun is that we all get to enjoy the funny things that cats and dogs do. It seems like both of them are always in a competition to prove that they are funnier.

Here is a collection of the funniest tweets about cats and dogs this week. Have a look and decide who is more hilarious of the two!


A special alarm goes off for cats at 2 am every night. This is why they all go crazy and starting running around the house.


A dose of pawsomeness for you if you haven’t got one today.


There is no end to a cat’s curiosity. It wants all its questions answered immediately.


Every cat meows back at his cat. It is the cardinal rule.


This cat is going to rule this pan for next few days.

Who do you think is winning this competition? We believe it’s definitely the cats. They don’t stop till the time they win. But they are born with a great sense of humor.


The reason behind the breakup was this cat. It happened because of the cat and for the cat.


Everything that begins has an end.


Dogs don’t disturb their hoomans when they are busy like cats do. They always find something productive to do.


Only if this cat knew how it was looking, he wouldn’t stay there for another minute.


Your life before and after a pet will be completely different. You can only understand this when you adopt a pet.

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