10 Funny Cat Snaps That Will Make Your Day Better


Cats are the most hilarious pets to have around. Their sense of humor can definitely beat yours. The felines know how to make anyone laugh even when they feel like crying. This is a talent that they are born with and nobody can take this away from them. Cat hoomans know that their cat is the source of happiness. They can’t spend a single day without their cats. You may not understand this if you are not a cat lover. But once you meet a cat, you will definitely love them.

Here are some funny cat snaps that will definitely make your day better. Have a look at these pictures and we bet you won’t be able to stop laughing!


“My hooman brought home a dog today. Can you please take it back? He doesn’t leave me alone even for a moment. I don’t like this at all. Nobody touches me without my permission.”


That was the plan all along. This cat wanted to bring his lost sister home. You have been fooled cat hooman.


The cat is just wearing orange socks. It is pretty cold.


When you have more than two cats in your home and you want to motivate them to be good, this is the best way to get it done.


Cats are jealous of your phone. You should not spend too much time on your phone when you have a cat.

Are you impressed yet? Well, you don’t need to answer this because we know you are. Cats are charming and know their way through everyone’s heart.


Cat hoomans are just like their cats. Fun and adventure is all that they want.


This cat was getting bored inside so he ventured out for a while.


It’s getting a bit difficult to work from home with all this cuteness around.


This cat won the best prize at the Halloween party. Well deserved kitty!


Cats can do anything for an extra meal. Their cuteness is just an added advantage.

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