10+ Funny Examples Of ‘Cat Logic’


You can never tell a cat what to do because it always works as per the cat logic. There is no justification for why cats do somethings the way they want to.

Here are some funny examples of ‘cat logic’. Have a look at them and you will know!


A box is always better than the bed and there is no doubt about it.


Cats love to sit on their hooman’s shoes because they think that somebody will steal the shows and run away. Better safe than regret.


Cats always want to see their hoomans happy. This cat thinks that bringing the balloon back to the hooman will put a smile on his face.


Cats will sleep anywhere except for the expensive bed that you got for them.


Another cat who likes box more than the expensive gifts that his hooman got for him.


Cats love to push the glasses off the counter. You have to be really careful with unattended glasses when a cat is around.


This cat just wanted to rest a little so he chose the most inappropriate place to sleep.


When you want to read a book, but your cat has other plans for you.


Cats love to keep a watch on their hoomans, but they scare them sometimes.


This cat has a thing for handbags. Her hooman has cat hair on all the bags.


This cat would sit behind the curtains whenever it’s time for him to stare out of the window.


Any place between the keyboards will be perfectly fine for a good sleep.


This cat thinks that if he hides his face, nobody will be able to see him.


Cats think that laptops are the next gen warm beds created for cat comfort.


“If it fits, I sleeps.”

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