10 Cats Proving They Can Have Some Serious Attitude


Cats consider themselves as superior to others and maybe rightly so. The felines are always ready to take control and they are the head in the house. Every decision must me made only after asking them. However, this might have led to some serious attitude issue with the cats. If you live with a cat, you know that cats like certain the things the way they do. Cats are not good at hiding their attitude or anger. They are proud of who they are and own it.

Here are some cats proving they can have some serious attitude. Have a look at these pictures and you will know!


“I think it’s only fair that I should get to eat in the same bowl as you. What do you think, hooman?”


If the cat thinks that something is fit to be eaten, then he will eat it. Cats always go with the way that they feel.


Only a cat can sit higher than the Christmas and not the other way round. According to the cats, the Christmas tree belong on the ground.


When two cats want to sit at the same spot, this is bound to happen.


“I know you can’t figure this out on your own. So let me study it a little closely and I will teach you how to solve this puzzle.”

According to cat logic, taking a nap is the solution to everything. If you ever get stuck, just take a short nap and you will get your answer. Also, if you are not able to solve the puzzle, then just leave it. There is no point solving it when you know that the cat will destroy everything.


“What are you studying when you can stare at me? Let’s spend some time together!”


When a cat hooman ignores the cat, this is what he deserves.


When your cat is upset with you, this is what is bound to happen. “If you don’t treat me right, this is how I will treat you.”


“I don’t care what the hooman writes on this box. If I want the box, I will take it.”


Cats have figured how to make their hoomans get up from their seat and serve them food.

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