10 Furry Cat Villains That Are Far Too Sweet to Get Mad At


Trouble is another name for cats. Wherever there is a cat, there is trouble. Cats are furry villains and they don’t even try to conceal it. They openly go on planning and plotting all their mischievous actions. But this is not the only thing. You can’t even get mad at them. Cats are adorable creatures who get in trouble all the time. Their hoomans are always there to rescue them. One adorable look and cats get away without even getting a scolding. Well, this is why cats rule the world. They are pawsome and they know it. Maybe you too should try doing that some time.

Here are some pawsome furry cat villains that are too sweet to get mad at. Have a look at these pictures and you will know why!


Cats rule the world, they don’t adjust. The others can sit wherever they find space.


When your hooman doesn’t wake up on time, so the cat has to make its own breakfast.


When your cat doesn’t like the food that you made, so he holds your hand and doesn’t let you eat either.


Wait, the hooman will be here any time. Let me complete the ritual quickly. You will be vested with unlimited power within seconds.


All the cat hoomans have to do a lot of explaining every morning. This is the reason why.


“This is just a warning. If you didn’t get my lunch on time tomorrow, I swear you won’t get to eat anything.”


Cats never do anything by mistake. It is always on purpose. Just go and introspect about what you did wrong this time.


The cat of the house always gets to eat before the rest of the family members. They get to have their second meal at that time.


“Hi hooman, what are these colorful strings? Do you want to do some puzzle? I find it more interesting.”


“Hoomans have no idea about purrfection. There is a lot to be taught.”

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