10 Hilarious Cat Based Snapchats That Will Leave You Smiling For Days


The felines have the sole purpose of putting a smile on everyone’s face. They would keep on doing weird things throughout the day just to make sure that their hoomans get to smile. It is the duty of the cat hoomans to capture these precious moments and share them with everyone. So even if people don’t get the opportunity to live with cats, they can still enjoy all the silly things that cats do.

Here are some hilarious cat based snapchats that will leave you smiling for days. Have a look at these cats and you will know why cats always manage to put a smile on everyone’s face!


Here’s a happy family who like to fight once in a while. But most of the time, it’s them against their hooman.


If you haven’t heard anything good today, this will definitely bring a smile on your face.


When your cat is this pawsome, you don’t need anything else in life.


This is why cats will always stay mysterious. There are a lot of secrets hidden inside a cat’s heart.


When you don’t take your cat’s permission before getting another cat, this is what is bound to happen.

Every cat wants its hooman’s attention. So if you are planning to get another cat, better take prior permission of your cat before doing so. Most of the times, cats don’t like it when someone else gets their hooman’s attention.


You are not allowed to leave the house without your cat’s permission and especially, not before feeding him.


When there are two cats in the house, you need to be really careful before scolding any of them. You never know what they can come back with.


Cats are the best companions ever. If you have a cat by your side, everything will be alright before sunshine.


Cats also make wrong decisions at times. But they believe in making amends quickly.


When you have a cat in the house, better don’t get up to check on your cat in the middle of the night. This is how you may end up finding them.

Don’t forget to share this hilarious cat story with your family and friends. Everyone should get to smile at all the weird things that cats do. Share your views about these hilarious cats with us in the comments below.

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