10 Hilarious Cat Pictures To Prove That Cats Hate Christmas Trees


If you are under the conception that your cat hates Christmas, then you are totally wrong. Cats don’t hate Christmas. But they definitely have an issue with Christmas trees. If you know a cat well, then it is not hard to understand why cats hate Christmas trees so much. Cats want everyone’s love and attention. So if you think that cats can stand something that gets all your attention, then you are highly mistaken.

Here are some cat pictures that may help you understand why cats hate Christmas tree. Have a look and you will know why cats can’t stand Christmas tree.


First you get inside your enemy’s mind. Then you bring it down. This is the purrfect way to destroy a Christmas tree.


“I just have to pull this down and it’s done. I hope this wakes up my hooman. The look of shock on his face is totally worth it.”


“It’s easy to defeat the Christmas tree when we work as a team. Merry Christmas everyone!”


“We decorated our Christmas tree last night and this is how we found it in the morning. I am thinking of throwing the cat out of the house right now.”


There is no need for a star to put at the top of your Christmas tree when you have a cat in your house. After all, cats like a place with a view.


“Hooman, quickly take some good pictures of me with this decorated tree before I push it to the ground.”


“I don’t understand why my hooman spent hours decorating a Christmas tree. I think he has forgotten what I did to the last one. Maybe I have to give him a recap.”


A cat needs to rest after destroying all of your Christmas decorations. “Hooman, I am going to sleep now. You better clean up this mess till I wake up.”


Nobody does a victory walk better than a cat. This one is our favorite.


This cat’s hooman is up for some trouble. But aren’t all cat hoomans?

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