10 Hilarious Cat Pictures Viral On The Internet


We may find aliens one day, but there is one mystery that can’t be solved. Can you tell which mystery are we talking about? It’s none other than the pawsome creatures called cats. The felines who think that they rule the world are the most unpredictable pets ever. You will never know how they will react to a particular situation. The biggest question is how do cats always have some pawsome idea in their mind either to make you laugh or get in trouble. A cat never fails to do these two things. Also, they don’t forget to be adorable and weird while at it.

Here are some hilarious cat pictures that will definitely make you laugh. Have a look at them and thank us later!


“How do hoomans come up with these stupid things? I am stuck here and don’t know how to get out of it. Don’t know when my hooman will come rescue me.”


“I am drowning in the boring life of my hooman. Somebody please save me!”


Cats can go to any extent to stop you from closing the doors. This one is really brave.


“Since when did woolen balls have the power of capturing a cat?” This cat is trying to figure it out.


When you sit on a couch for so long that you become a part of it. Cats can be really lazy at times.


“I am still in here. Don’t try to send me away.” When you try to give your cat some privacy, but it backfires.


“Look hooman, I am flying! Why didn’t you bring me here before? I am in love with this place.”


This is one place that your cat can’t get out of. So if you want some alone time, you know what to do.


“Hi hooman, I am still here, waiting for dinner. Why is it taking so long?”


Cats think that the door will bend and let it through. But some things are not pawssible, little kitty.

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