10 Hilarious Cats Hiding In Unusually Random Funny Places


Cats love to play hide and seek all the time. Their hoomans don’t even get to know when their cats are in the playing mode and they are also a part of the game. If you need to find your cat, then start with the most unusual places. There is no way that you will find your cat where it is supposed to be.

Here are some hilarious cats that found the unusual random funny places to hide in. Have a look and you will get an idea where you should find your cat. Maybe start with the cabinet that you never opened!


This cat did a really great job. Look how he is posing like the toys, just purrfect!


When cats don’t like to socialize, they hide away. Felines are an expert when it comes to hiding.


We can still see you, little kitty. Maybe you are not so little to hide in this place.


When you can’t find a hiding place, just face the wall and pretend that no one is around.


“Hi hooman, what are you up to? Do you want to play hide and seek?”

Cats always do things in an unusual way. They don’t like the things done in a usual manner because it is boring. If you know cats, then you know that cats don’t do boring. They need thrill and adventure in their lives. Cats are full of fun and adventure. Nothing fulfils this criterion better than hide and seek. This is why every cat loves this game.


Good attempt at hiding kitty, but you should try a little harder.


Cats love to play with toilet paper, so why not try hiding behind one.


“When will you take this cone off? It always comes between me and my hiding space.


Looks like the cat is a part of the Christmas tree now. At least it hasn’t ruined the tree yet.


Trying to find your cat? Look somewhere cozy and comfortable.

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