10 Hilarious Cats That Will Make Your Day


Cats and trouble go hand in hand, but so do cats and happiness. Where there is a cat, there is no sorrow. So if you are not feeling good, just adopt a cat. And if you can’t do that, just visit our pawsome page to find hilarious cat memes. If you want something, you have to do something to get it.

Here are some pictures of hilariously cats that will definitely make your day. Have a look at them and thank us later!


When your cat tries to clean everything up before you return home and you find him like this. “Don’t judge me. I was only trying to make things right.”


When your cat asks for your help and instead of putting him down from the chair, you stare and laugh. “This isn’t funny hooman. It’s my nap time. can you get done with your stupid photoshoot quickly!”


When your cat tries to make it on his seat with a swift jump and ends up like this. Cats can be messy too. They are not always purrfect.


This cat was tired, so he melted in this basket. “I am tired, hooman. Can you please put me to bed?”


The most sincere student sits in the front of the class, always ahead of everyone. When cats decide to achieve something, they don’t stop before they get it.


“Had to fit in the box. Target achieved, doesn’t care if it hurts.” Cats are really strong and flexible.


“When your hooman won’t give you any attention, so you have to do silly things to get it.”


“Keep your mouth shut. When two hoomans fight, you never come in between them.”


Cats get thirsty in the middle of the get and use weird tactics to quench their thirst. “It’s not working. I will have to wake up the hooman now. He will be really angry, but I want water.”


This is how cat hoomans keep their furry companions busy.

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