10 Hilarious Comic Strips Every Cat Owner Will Understand


Cats are majestic creatures and everyone adores them from far away. But a cat hooman knows his cat better than anyone else. There are certain things that every cat does. Nobody knows why cats do what they do. But there are some things that can’t be changed. An artist explained what it feels like to live with a cat through some comics and it’s pawsome. It will now be really easy for those who don’t live with cats what it feels like to be with one.

Here are some comic strips that every cat hooman will definitely relate to. We guess you already know what we are talking about. If not, have a look at these pictures and you can thank us later!


Nothing is more important than your cat, even your work.


If you are adopting a cat, throw the word ‘privacy’ out of your dictionary.


Your cats have purrfect timings for everything that they want to do. Don’t disturb their schedule.


Every cat hooman knows that you always have to refill your cat’s food bowl. You can’t do without it.


Cats need to speak up and explain why they do this.

We know all the cat hoomans reading this are already nodding by now. These little things that cats do are totally hilarious. Even though it may get quite irritating at times, life will be incomplete with all these things that cats do. Maybe they do all this on purpose, but we will never know.


“It’s your mistake. You kept the cup at the wrong place. Now, clean it up quickly!”


You are not supposed to get up once a cat sits on you. It is rude, so better do that work later.


Cats are very organized creatures. You only have to look carefully and observe.


“Yes, very beautiful. Look what I got for you! Do you like it?”


Your cat will always give you a signal before biting you. So you better make a move at the right moment.

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