10 Hilarious Comics That Illustrate Perfectly What It’s Like To Have a Cat


Cats do a lot of silly things and it’s a lot of fun if you observe them. The felines are always up to something and they can’t sit ideal. Either the cats are doing some weird stuff or they are plotting to kill someone? Cat hoomans are always a part of their cat’s adventure. They don’t even know it some times, but cats make sure that they involve their hoomans in everything that they do. If you haven’t had the opportunity to adopt a cat yet and are wondering what it’s like, then you are at the right place!

Here are hilarious comics that illustrate perfectly what it is like to live with cats. Have a look and we know you too will agree!


What cats do to make humans feel good about themselves.


Cats don’t understand the point of playing fetch. Like why do you want to play this stupid game and also, it is boring.


Cats are ready with their claws the moment you try to pet them. Be smart enough and don’t get trapped.


Your dogs will give you all the affection that you need, but don’t expect it from cats. Cats don’t bother showing affection to their hoomans.


Cats stay super cute all their life. They only become more adorable as they grow.


Cats know their worth and they don’t accept anything less than that. They actually rule their hooman’s world.


The only thing for which you can get closer to the cat is giving them food.


Humans don’t own a cat, cats own all the humans. This is the universal truth. The sooner you accept it, the better it is.


Cats know how to ruin the shoes that you love. They have lots of techniques of doing it. Just be a little careful. You never know which one they might use.


You will never know what goes on inside a cat’s head. They are always plotting something.

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