10+ Hilarious Photos Of Cats Whose Reactions Were Amusing When Their Hoomans Adopted A Dog


The felines are pawsome and love everyone’s attention. There is nothing that can bring them down, except when their hooman brings a dog home. If this happen, the cats will do everything in their power to throw the dog out of the house. So if you are a cat hooman, better don’t adopt a dog.

Here are some hilarious photos of cats whose reactions were amusing when their hoomans adopted a dog. Have a look at the reaction of these cats and you will understand why you shouldn’t get a dog if you have a cat at home!


The cats in the background are definitely planning to throw the dog out of the house. They can’t accept the fact that some other animal can look more adorable than them.


There is no way that a cat would allow the dog to sit on a higher pedestal than himself. The felines always deserve to be at the top.


A cat would never give up its favorite spot for the dog. “You can go and sit wherever you like. But please don’t disturb me.”


The cats will straightaway ask the dog to leave the house. There is no other way that the cat would allow this to happen.


Sometimes, your cat and dog will form a team to plot against you. It would only happen in case you have done something really wrong.


Always ask your cat before adopting a puppy. In any case, the cat won’t be happy. So adopting a pup is not a good option if you are a cat hooman.


This is how the cat waits for the dog to leave the house, so that he can simply close the doors behind him. “Leave for good and don’t come back! We don’t need you here.”


The cat of the house will never like it if you adopt a dog. He won’t rest till the time he throws the dog out of the home. “I see you and I don’t like you. Please leave!”


Don’t mistaken to believe that the cat is trying to bond with the dog because this is not so. In this picture, the cat is looking into the dog’s eyes and telling him that he should leave the house.


When you throw the  puppy on top of the cat, this is how it will look.


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