10 Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats Are The Biggest Jerks Around


Cats don’t like anything that is easy. They like everything that is fun and adventurous. Simple is boring for cats and they don’t do boring. This is why cats may end up appearing the biggest jerks to their hooman. But it looks like cats don’t mind.

Here are some hilarious cat pictures that will show you that they are the biggest jerks. We bet you can’t look at these pictures just once. So go ahead and laugh your heart out!


What do you do when your cat locks you out of the car? You take a picture of it and share it with everyone.


Cats are smart pawsome animals and their hoomans are smarter than them. Look at this picture and you will know it all.


Cats always find a way to reach to the plants. It looks like they have left the dogs behind and found a new enemy to play with.


If your cat has that smile on their face, they are definitely up to no good. Let the mischief begin!


“Hi hooman, I was just checking what these shiny instruments do. Just wanted something new to play with.

Cats may not even give much thought to what they do. They just land up in trouble somehow. This is one thing that they don’t have control over. Well, we can’t blame them for it.


“This looks like fun. Wait hooman, I will do this for you.”


When you tell your cat that he is grounded, but he still finds a way to update himself with what’s happening outside. “My hooman thinks that he can stop me. He is a complete fool.”


You need to hold the cat in your arms once you feed it. Sleep is also important and you have to ensure that the cat gets a good sleep.


“Hi hooman, I am getting bored. Let’s play now!”


“One puzzle is enough for the day. Now clean this mess and let me take a nap.”

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