10 Hilarious Reasons Why Every Cat Owner Should Get A Glass Table


Cats love to distract their hoomans when they are busy working. Glass tables come most handy to the cats while they are at it. Staring at their hoomans from under the glass table is the most common trick a cat uses. It is not only beneficial for the cats, but their hoomans as well. Cat hoomans are always mysterious as to what cats do with their paws when they sit. A glass table can help you answer this question as well. There are a lot of reasons why cat hoomans need a glass table in their home.

Here are some hilarious reasons why every cat owner should get a glass table. Have a look at these pawsome cat pictures and you will understand too!


If you have been wondering what your cat does with its paws when it sits, here’s your answer.


You need to have lots of glass windows and tables in your home when you have a cat, so that it can easily keep a watch on you.


Cats are like liquids. They can take any shape that they like.


Cats look really funny when they sit to a glass door. “Look hooman, I have reshaped. How do I look now?”


Cat hoomans are getting really creative while clicking the picture of their cats.

Cats know how to make the best use if everything in their home, except the times when they are in a mood to create a mess.


It looks like cat don’t have any bones in their body. They are super flexible and fit in wherever they like.


From where did the cat learn to fold his paws like this? Cats are silent watchers. They watch and learn very quickly.


Here’s a block of fur and pawsomeness.


When you are trying to focus on your work, but your cat likes to distract you with this innocent look.


“My cat was surprised to see me watching him from under the glass table.” Sometimes it’s the cats who get surprised.

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