10 Hilarious Situations That Prove That Cats Are Our Owners and Not the Other Way Around


You may assume what you like, but you can’t change the truth. You may think that you are the one who adopts the cat. However, this is not correct. Cats rule the world and they have everything under their control. They let you think that you are their hoomans, but it’s the other way round.

Here are some hilarious situations that prove that cats are our owners and not the other way round. Have a look and you will also get a reality check!


Cats never understand why their hoomans vanish for so long. ”What are you hiding from me hooman? Are you secretly spending time with another cat?”


Your cat will slowly steal your bed and you won’t even realize it till it’s too late.


Your cat will only give you limited chances to correct yourself. When you cross the limit, it will straightaway start punishing you. Cats have their ways to get things done and they always work.


Spoiling a cat is a good deed. Never feel bad for it. You are doing the right thing.


Your cat expects you to leave it alone even when it doesn’t respect your privacy.

Cats keep all the rules in your home. They also punish you when you break the rules. But cat hoomans don’t even realize this until and unless someone else explains it to them.


Let’s play a little game. How many cats are there in the picture? Are they planning to kill their hooman?


If cats are smart, you have to be smarter. That’s the only way you can get things done.


“I couldn’t find my cat the entire day and I got scared when I found him staring at me like this. He gives me this look whenever he is angry at me for some reason.”


Every cat has the link to unlimited knowledge and power. This is why they are called the rulers of the world.


This cat has a very special drinking bowl.

10 Situations That Only Cat Owners Can Truly Understand

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