10 Hilarious Tweets That Show How Wild It Is To Live With Cats


Living with cats is a completely different experience altogether. It is nothing like living with any other pet. Many people say a lot of things about cats, but most of it is false. It’s only when you start living with cats, you get to know the true picture. The cats don’t care what people think about them. They just go on doing what their heart wants. The felines have a very different view about life. You can only understand that when you start living with a cat. Cat hoomans know how pawsome cats are. In fact, nobody can figure out cats for who they are. The felines are super unpredictable. So it would be better if you just let them be.

Here are hilarious tweets that show how wild it is to live with cats. Have a look at these cats and you will know how talented cats are!


The cat decides where it wants to sit and then takes his seat along. You can’t stop your cat from doing that.


A cat will take care of your belongings. This is how it will look like.


A cat always has a reason to do something. Cats are faster and smarter, so it gets a bit difficult for their hoomans to figure things out at first.


Cats will always there by your side to heal you and make you feel okay. Ending up with cats is the best thing ever.


Cats are very talented. Don’t underestimate their power. You will be the one who will end up getting fooled if you do this.


You are not supposed to ask cats any questions. You are only supposed to obey their orders. Because even if you try, you won’t get any answers.


A cat never follows the rules set by the hoomans. The felines create their own rules and they don’t care what you think of them.


When it’s this cold, the cat definitely needs clothes.


Once a cat gets a taste of something better, it is not going to how it was before.  Cats are quick learners and they remember it all.


When you have been not feeding your cat properly, so he goes on to show you what you are doing wrong.

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