10+ Jealous Cats Who Aren’t Happy Because They’re Not Getting Any Attention


Cats love attention and they can do anything for it. Show your cat that you don’t care for them and you will know what we are talking about. The felines love to be the center of attention and want that their hooman’s world should revolve around them.

Here are some jealous cats who aren’t happy because they’re not getting any attention. Have a look at these cats and you will know what jealous cats look like!


When the cat hooman is busy working and doesn’t bother to look at the cat whole day long, this is how angry the cat can get.


When the cat found out that her hooman has been cheating on her with another cat all this while, she got hurt.


Never ever give attention to another cat in front of one cat. Make sure that each of them gets equal attention.


Cats can never understand why you would need another cat when there is already one cat in the house. You just need to give all your attention to one cat.


This cat is not happy that his hooman got a baby and that too without his permission.


This cat is wondering what the other cat is doing outside his home. “Go away kitty! You won’t get any attention here because I have taken all of it.”


Attention is one thing that your cat can’t share. You are definitely getting punished for this act.


This cat wants to know what her hooman is doing with another cat.


Cats should be the most important ones in your life. They come before books as well.


When you try to work from home, but your cat has got other plans. It’s cat time!


When none of the cats get your attention, they will rebel against you.


This cat wants to know where is the other part of the box and all the missing attention that he is not getting all this while.


Cats don’t like to share at all. They just do as they like and have it all to themselves.


If you think that you can deceive a cat with toys, then you are completely wrong.


Look at this cat’s expressions and you will know what a jealous cat looks like!

Did you like these jealous cats? Well, it clearly shows that these cats really love their hoomans. Don’t forget to share around!

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