10 Jerk Cats Who Don’t Feel Bad At All For The Way That They Are


Cats are everything, but ashamed of who they are. They never fear to own their actions. Even when they create a huge trouble for their hoomans, they always stand their ground. This confidence of cats make them who they are. It’s not easy to rule the world and keep everything in their control. Cats have the courage to be who they truly are and not feel about it. Only people who have this courage become something in this world.

Here are some jerk cats who don’t feel bad at all for the way that they are. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will know why!


When cats judge other people, the won’t even make an effort to hide it. “I see what you do, hooman and I choose not to ignore it.”


It is never too hot for a cat. A cat may get burnt, but it will never get warm enough.


Getting annoyed when their hoomans touch them is a major issue with cats. You should always ask your cat for permission before you touch him.


Cats always keep their priority above the rest of the people. Nothing else matters for a cat who is happy.


When you wake up in the morning to see your cat waiting for food, hurry up!

Cats do a lot of things and staring at their hoomans to make them feel bad is one of them. This trick always works for them.


Dressing up your cat like a doll is a horrible idea and he will hate you for it.


Going out or staying inside is one question that cats can’t decide.


Sometimes, cats are in good mood and this wonderful thing happens!


Cats do this to take revenge from you.


It seems that you need another coffee mug now.

Go ahead and share this hilarious cat story with your friends and family. Cats always know how to put a smile on everyone’s face and you can do that too by sharing all the cat stories around!

10 Cats Who Don’t Give A Darn About Anything Or Anyone

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