10 Jerk Cats Who Don’t Feel Bad At All For The Way That They Are


If you ever get the opportunity to adopt a cat, you will know that you can learn a lot from them. The best thing that you can learn from cats is not apologizing for who you are. Cats don’t apologize or feel bad at all for the way they are. They own what they do without any regrets. Even after doing something terrible, cats know how to convince their hoomans not to shout at them. Cat magic always works.

Here are some jerk cats who don’t feel bad at all for the way that they are. Meet them and you will also learn how to love who you are!


The cat has taken what you needed. Now nobody can get that coffee cup for you.


When you forget your cat outside and it gives you the deadly look. “I am still alive hooman, but I am not sure for how long you will stay alive.”


When your cats don’t know that being fat is not a good thing. “Hoomans have unreasonable and stupid goals in life. Happiness is the only thing that matters.”


When your cat finally agrees for the photo that you wanted since day one. Cats like it when their hoomans don’t give up.


Dressing up your cat like a doll is a totally bad idea. Don’t try it ever.

Cats don’t care how they look. Even when their hooman dresses them up in a stupid dress, they don’t feel embarrassed. Only a bit surprised at their hooman’s doing.


Why do cats have to do this? Humans need an answer for this. It is super irritating to keep standing at the door while your cat makes the important decision.


It took some time, but the cat finally learnt it.


Taking pictures with a cat around is not an easy task.


Cats have an opinion about everything, so listen to them.


“It looks better this way. Everyone will know that you have a cat and nobody will try to harm you.”

10 Cats Who Don’t Give A Darn About Anything Or Anyone

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