10+ Kitties and Puppies Who Gained 1 lb of Boldness and 20 lbs of Charm With Age


Cats and dogs are pawsome creatures who always carry happiness along with them. There is no way that anyone can stay upset as long as it is there with a furry one. These little fluffy balls always know how to work their magic.

Here are some pawsome kitties and puppies who gained 1 lb of boldness and 20 lbs of charm with age. Have a look at the pictures of these pets and you will get to know how they manage to do this!


Give a cat some proper care and it will show up with its best self.


These two furry ones have been together since day 1 and they are not ready to part yet.


The real magic happens in the third week. You have to wait for it.


Nobody could have imagined that this furry one would be so beautiful and charming once he grows up.


Cats always believe in themselves. They just need a little support.


Black cats are the best when it comes to giving surprises. You just have to be with them till the end.


The moustache turned out beautifully as the cat grew up. Look how proud the cat looks!


With eight months, the cat can go from being miserable to totally charming.


This cat grew up beautifully, but the look of innocence in his eyes did not change at all.


Some cats change completely when they grow up. This one had no clue that life would turn out so beautifully for her.


Once you choose a cat, just stay with it forever. It won’t leave you and you should do the same for him.


Here’s the saga of the marvellous transformation of this cat!


The grumpy cat stays grumpy, but beautiful.


With these innocent eyes, the pup can win over anyone’s heart.


A dog always stays loyal to his hooman. There is no turning back.

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