10 ‘My House, Not My Cat’ Pictures That Will Make You Want To Adopt A Cat


Once a cat decides to stay at some place, they are not going to give up till the time they are allowed inside. Cats are very persistent and they always get what they want. The felines are ready to do anything to get what they want. This is why they always get what they want. You can also take some inspiration from cats and work for what you want. Then you will also be able to achieve it all.

Here are some ‘My House, Not My Cat’ pictures that will make you want to adopt a cat. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will know how pawsome cats are at finding their forever homes!


When the cat keeps coming back for more and more and then finally, the day comes when he decides to stay furrever. Has this ever happened to you?


This cat refuse to leave till the time the hoomans of the house opened the door. You are not allowed to say no to cat. If a cat wants something, just give it to him.


This little fluffy ball found his furrever home and look how beautifully he grew up.


Cats like to drink water from a glass and not their water bowl. A stranger cat would also do the same if you leave your glass of water unattended.


When you come home to an uninvited guest and you ask them to stay, consider yourself a good hooman.


When you first meet a cat, always keep in mind that he might end up staying with you. Always treat every cat you meet with love and care.


This cat’s hooman knew that he wanted to stay with his best friend, so he invited him in. Now the two cats stay together happily in their purrfect home.


This cat used to sit outside this window a few days back and now things have changed for good.


When there are more than two cats in your home, you should know that they will keep on bringing more cats inside the house. All you have to do is make sure that everyone feels welcome inside the home.


Cats have different talents, but each one of them know how to convince a hooman to allow them to stay.

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